Show Times and Info


Rox and Bill Cella, 007

Palm Beach Rox Airs:

Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. on the CW West Palm and at 2:30 a.m. on NBC


Palm Beach Rox, Inc., a full-service production company, produces and distributes an infotainment lifestyle television show called Palm Beach Rox featuring the hottest celebrities and the newest trends, ultra-chic nightlife spots, shopping, dining, travel destinations, red carpet events and more, all with a unique Palm Beach flair. Palm Beach Rox airs in Florida from Vero Beach to the Keys on the local NBC and CW networks and reaches a potential audience of more than 6 million viewers per show and averages a 3.3 Nielson rating in the regular season. Palm Beach Rox also has aired in key markets including Las Vegas and New York City.

After seven plus years of providing Florida and other key markets around the world with an insider’s look into the Palm Beach lifestyle, Palm Beach Rox is going global with the launch of an IPTV Network, offering viewers around the world the most robust viewing experience on the web today. Our Internet Network, RoxWorld.TV, will offer advertisers and fans alike all over the world the unique Palm Beach Rox brand–a blend of entertainment, celebrities and infotainment combined with a proprietary e-Commerce platform that reaches consumers on every continent. RoxWorld.TV is an online multi-channel network that produces and distributes unique content specifically designed for the web that utilizes state-of-the-art video streaming technology. The Network will present advertisers with the unique opportunity to specifically target their audience with individualized or specialized content through:

  • Sponsored positioning on our online channels and within our media player, allowing users to “click through” to sponsor web sites;
  • Banner ads on our online channels;
  • Embedded video ads within the video library, creating a unique and successful product placement form of advertising that Palm Beach Rox has used on its television show for the last seven years;
  • The integration of products with our vast library of video featuring celebrities and luxury lifestyle segments; and
  • Entertainment, e-Commerce, and social networking combined within one web site.