Palm Beach Rox Show 145 Airing!


Palm Beach Rox Show 145 Airing!

PALM BEACH ROX was on the scene yet again for another amazing New York Fashion Week event, but more importantly, getting in some one-on-one time with those that create the fabulous fashion in New York! Randi Rahm, one of the only couture designers and manufacturers left in New York City, talks with Rox about one of her favorite and most breath-taking couture designs that Carrie Underwood had the honor or wearing to the 2010 CMA Awards. Carrie Underwood however, isn’t the only A-lister glowing in one of Rahm’s captivating creations. Her clientele includes Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Julianne Hough, Halle Berry, Joan Rivers and Edie Falco, just to name a few. Rox had the pleasure of having the timeless and talented designer choose what she would style her in for an Oscar’s event. Next, get an inside look into how owner, Orlando Palacios and Brandon Franklin at Worth & Worth create the world’s finest handcrafted hats since 1922 right in their shop and studio.

PALM BEACH ROX sits with some of Hollywood’s stars behind the great Oscar award winning films in this weeks segment. Choreographer, Jamal Sims, talks about the exciting and fresh moves he created for the new version of the classic film, Footloose. Jamal even shows Rox a few new moves she can take on the dance floor to her next party event! Lynn Collins, from the latest 3D hit movie John Carter, shares her most frightening yet courageous moments on set and gives us the dish on her seven year long friendship with co-star Taylor Kitsch. Brilliant author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Brian Selznick, shares his take on the unforeseen success of his book turned movie.

Don’t forget to check out the highlights of Kontiki Too restaurant with a menu selection of 50 gourmet items and two full bars, as well as the 3rd Annual GPL Tournament with its infamous twist in tailgating. Don’t forget to get your tickets!

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