Palm Beach Rox 160


Palm Beach Rox 160

On this show we interview some of Hollywood’s Hotties!

Like the new stars of the film “the Host’ Max Irons & Jake Abel
written by Stephenie Meyer you know her from the Twilight Trilogy

And one of our favorite comedians George Lopez
Starring in “Escape From Planet Earth”

Hay all you DIE HARD FANS meet the new star JAI COURTNEY in “A Good Day To Die Hard”
I hope you got to see the red carpet event of a” Good Day To Die Hard” streaming live from London right here on Rox World .TV

Dr Dedo as he shares the latest in Cosmetic & ENT Surgeries

No show would be complete without” La Casa Hermosa “Beautiful Gowns

All this and so much more!

So Don’t go anywhere!

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