Palm Beach Rox Show 159


Palm Beach Rox Show 159

We love filming Palm Beach Rox! ( I’m sure you know that!)
It’s always a surprise who and what will be on!
And this show is Full of surprises

The amazing Jack Hanna, from Kingdom World, joins us at the
International Palm Club promoting a great charity event coming up.

Dr Dedo; we know him as our Cosmetic surgeon to the stars, but did you know he’s also
an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist? On this show he tells us about the latest in Balloon Sinuplasty.
It’s changing the way you breath!

Palm Beach Rocks the red carpet for the premier screening of the new film, Parker.
Parker star, Jason Statham and Director, Taylor Hackford came to City Place to showcase the
film to all of it’s fans!

Warm Bodies, the film where he’s still dead, but he’s getting warmer!
It was great fun interviewing the Director/Screenplay Writer Jonathan Levie along with
Analeigh Tipton!

The latest of Brothers Grimm Fables to get a makeover! Did you know that it was written in 1812!
Hanzel and Gretel: The Witch Hunters is one word: campy! And a great interview with the two stars Jerry Renner & Gemma Arterton
I loved the special effects. Especially in 3-D!

No event is complete without the perfect dress to wear. Whether it’s a Red Carpet Event,
special occasion or Prom, La Casa Hermosa has it all! Just ask for Robin!

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