Meet the Crew


Bill Cella – Executive Producer
William (Bill) Cella is the executive producer of Palm Beach Rox. Cella began his career in the apparel and accessory industries. He rose through the ranks to become CEO and/or President of such companies as MEMBERS ONLY and OLLA Industries. During his tenure, Bill ran offices in New York, Florida, South America, Asia and Europe. He has built up an extensive array of contacts both here and abroad. After relocating to Palm Beach County, Bill became interested in the fledgling wireless communications industry and became a partner in PK Partners, Ltd., a leading developer of wireless systems. In 1995, Bill bought out his partners in order to form his own venture capital/private equity firm, CCVC, Inc., to take advantage of the exploding telecom market and other technologies. His venture capital expertise together with his vast personal network led him to the successful development of and funding for numerous communication systems in major markets across the country. Each such venture met all local, state, and federal requirements and was licensed by the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC). In addition to his work with CCVC, Bill serves on the Board of Directors of Security Identification Systems Corp. (SISCO) and as a director of Zerosmoke™ North America (Zerosmoke), Inc.

Stuart Henderson – Executive Producer
Stuart Henderson is CEO of Clear Shot Media Group, LLC. He manages all Palm Beach Rox video productions and oversees all post production. Originally from the United Kingdom, Henderson has been in Florida since 1997 when he came to study at Lynn University. He holds an M.B.A with a specialization in mass communication and a B.A. in International Communication. He has worked on corporate video productions for companies such as American Express, Office Depot, and Bank of America. He has also produced a number of television shows for local and national distribution. In addition to his production experience, Henderson also has taught university courses in television production and film and television editing. To find out more about Stuart Henderson visit To find out more about Clear Shot Media Group visit:

Dan Cella – Executive Producer/Music/Art Director
Grammy-nominated producer and CEO of That’s Nasty Records, Dan Cella originates new and fresh commercial music for television and film. Cella has produced six albums and is the co-founder of DJ group DC & Mark Starr. He is credited with all production and cuts of music pieces for every episode of Palm Beach Rox.  Cella also creates original artwork and designs for Palm Beach Rox. He also has a weekly online radio show airing on Mondays from 4 to 6 p.m. (EST) on Digitally Imported Radio. For more of Cella’s music and DJ mixes go to

Suzanne Lurie – Assistant Producer
Suzanne Lurie attended Palm Beach Community College and the University of Connecticut. She received a degree as a paralegal with a minor in accounting. Lurie holds a real-estate license and has owned and operated her own businesses in related fields. Lurie’s experience and expertise provides coordination and organization to Palm Beach Rox. Suzanne divides her time between Palm Beach Rox and her duties as Vice-President/Administration for CCVC, Inc., a venture capital company.

Robert Weneck – News Media Director/Public Relations
Robert Weneck, public relations director for Palm Beach Rox, has made incredible contributions to the field of public relations over the past 35 years. Throughout the course of his career, he has been a consultant and publicist for the White House, major corporations, celebrities, doctors, sports figures, television networks and politicians, working with celebrities such as Walter Cronkite, Gerald Ford, Don King, and David Brinkley, just to name a few. Weneck’s valuable contribution to the field of public relations recently earned him the honor of being Florida Businessman of the Year. Currently Weneck also works with the Miss America Organization.

Paul Kaplan, Esq. – General Counsel

Travis Pozsony – Marketing and Casting Director

Travis Pozsony, the Marketing Director for RoxWorld.TV, brings a unique approach to the integrity and branding of Rox. As an accomplished salesman, web marketer, and published writer, Travis saw tremendous opportunity with the Rox brand. Applying his diverse sales, writing, and production experience allows Travis to serve as an integral bridge between our corporate staff, creative direction, and business partners in order to insure a most successful public countenance. His actions as a conduit between ideas and capital reality encourage new paradigms, which continue to open new and exciting avenues for Rox to highlight.

Doug Gamlin – Web Media Production Manager

Jeremy Goslinga – Director of Graphic Arts


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Bill Cella

Dave Isbell

Paul Kaplan

Gene Shipley